Vibration Institute - Piedmont Chapter #14


Please take a look at the suggested presentation topics below and rank them according to your preferences using the drop-down boxes at the right.  When you're finished, please click on the submit button at the bottom to send your survey to us.  You will notice we have left three topic fields empty at the bottom of this page on purpose for topics you'd like to hear about, but we've failed to list.  It is our intention to use this information in selecting our speakers & topics for upcoming meetings.  Thank you in advance for your participation!

1)    Piping vibration   

2)    Laser alignment & alignment-related topics   

3)    Belt drives (vibration, alignment & tensioning, etc)   

4)    Time waveform analysis   

5)    Balancing   

6)    ODS Analysis   

7)    Modal Analysis   

8)    Motor current analysis   

9)    Ultrasonics   

10)  Lubrication & oil analysis   

11)  Infrared & thermography          

12)  Root cause failure analysis        

13)  High frequency techniques (ie: HFD, Spike Energy, Peakvue, Acceleration enveloping, etc)      

14)  Sensors (accelerometers, proximity probes, etc)   

15)  Machine foundations, types, best practices & isolation       

16)  Vibration standards, specifications & limits (absolute, relative, machine-specific & statistical)       

17)  Variable speed drives       

18)  Fans & vibration      

19)  Pumps & vibration   

20)  Motors & vibration      

21)  Turbines & vibration     

22)  Compressors & vibration     

23)  Reciprocating machines & vibration      

24)  Gears, gearboxes & vibration   

25)  Bearings (detecting faults & determining severity)   

26)  Bearings (failure analysis)   

27)  Vibration Case Histories   

28)  Reliability Basics & Best Practices   

29)  Orbital analysis   

30)  PDM program justification, documenting results   

31)  How to setup a new PDM program   

32)  Transient analysis   

33)  Phase analysis   

34)  Slow speed machinery   

35)  Time synchronous averaging   

36)  Resonance   

37)  Permanent or remote monitoring   






NOTE:    If you don't see a topics confirmation page appear after you hit the "Submit" button above, unfortunately, your survey didn't go thru. 
If this happens, please contact any of the chapter officers listed in the Officers 2009 page of the website to let us know.

We hope to see you at our upcoming meetings!!



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